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Improving Road Safety

No one in a nation is out of those ambits where the issue concerns everybody. There are various other issues which alarm all citizens. In developed countries the measures which are processed to diminish the accidental occurrences have been very effective. Efforts are being made to achieve a lot better results. From a recent survey taken it was reported that round about 1.3 million accident, occurring on the roads and highways resulted in approximately 43,000 people died and left a million with injuries severe and minor. The road user's behaviorís is recognized as the primary cause of any accidental occurrence. When people are severely drunk or extremely tired or sleepy they must not drive. There are also accidents where the drivers are not drunk neither tired but was just pacing.

These issues have now caught attention of the governments to take protective measures to minimize the level of the risk involved. In developed countries the situation is very stable but is certainly very alarming in developing countries. The road safety issues gained much attention in the European Union. There was this program introduced which was called European Road Safety Program. These emphasize the road users to strictly comply with already existing road rules. This also includes improvements in the transportation system and infrastructure. It also requires the technical advancement in the system. These upgrades will help a lot to make the roads and highways a lot safer.

A small chip called SIM card which is capable of holding data, this is the subscriber identity module. With the level of advancement in the communication department these data storing measures have been very effective for instance; this can also help finding the location of the person. These data sim cards can be used in combination with transportation security measures. This can help great deal organizing the transportation system.

There are various other researches being made, to find the best possible solution to prevent physical injuries from accident. This cannot be a one man show, citizens and governmental authorities will all have to share responsibility and be a part of this. When the level of general people participation will increase in improving road safety measures the number of accidental occurrences with eventually decrease. Governmental authorities also have a role to play to make road and highways a lot safer. With this combination road accidents will diminish in occurrences, this will only be possible when the level of responsibility is shared for instance all governmental authorities take protective measures and all citizens assume responsibility.


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