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The Importance of Road Safety

Accidents on the highways have become of common occurrence. These accidents mostly occur but are not limited to highways only. Day by day the amount of road users is massively increasing and so occurrences of the road accident. The happenings of such kind of accidents are fairly common practice in developing countries. The situation is not clean in developed countries, there may be less but the governments are inclined to cease and further diminish such occurrences. Mostly and this could be said that these accidents are most of the time one's own fault. People do not tend to follow road safety rules listed for the people. People just ignore these and sometimes the cost people have to be paid for such ignorance is very high.

Measures taken for the road safety are very common. This is sort of common education given to almost everyone. Yes, only the cave man may not figure out what these zebra crossings are for. People must be very watchful when crossing the roads. People sometimes in a rush of the movement worth not considering the risk involved when they hurry. Overhead bridges are to be used. Children must be very watchful when crossing the roads. On rainy days the surface of the concrete sometimes becomes slippery. These are little things that parents keep on telling their children.

There are rules laid by the legislatures for road safety which people seems hard to follow. It is very likely that every time we go out we see Lorries and trailers over loaded. They become immediate risk, in a shape of a bomb which is unknown with its exploding time. Strictness must be laid on these rules.

There toll plazas on before we set out on a high way these highway people keep good track of everybody. There are security personnel present with guard dogs to scent any explosives. The track of the number of the car and its route is recorded. If the car over speeds they can ticket them at the exit point.

Road safety can only be assured when the road users who are people with automobiles start compiling with the road safety regulations. Mostly younger people have a lot of heartbeat rush when they are on the driving seat with friends. There is a great degree of risk they put themselves and others. These roads are not racing tracks and must not be seen this way. There are legitimate routes to travel. Someone's minor mistake can bring unfavorable outcomes to those involved. Everybody can has to play his/her part to decrease the level of road accident by following the road safety measures.


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